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COVID-19 Office Updates

At our practice, the health and safety of our patients, staff, and doctors remains our top priority.  We know some questions may exist as to what we are doing to manage the coronavirus. It is extremely important for you to feel confident and safe at our practice and at the same time have your eyecare needs met at the highest standards. With this in mind, we are continuing to take extra precautions as recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), American Optometric Association (AOA), and California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

All of our doctors continue to take your safety seriously and your safety & health are our first priority.

What we are asking of patients:

  • DO NOT come in if you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath or any other flu-like symptoms. Please call the office and reschedule your appointment.
  • Although patients are no longer required to wear a mask in the office, you are still encouraged to do so.
  • Overflow patients are asked to wait outside of our office.
  • Please print out and bring with you your medication list and previous glasses and or contact lens prescriptions.
  • When possible, please fill out the "PATIENT HISTORY FORM" and "AUTHORIZATION FORM" (listed above on the right) before you come to our office.
  • Please show up on time to your appointment.  This will help us optimize social distancing.
  • Please come to your appointment by yourself.  If you need to bring someone (such as a parent/guardian or caregiver) please limit that individual to one person.
  • Please follow the directions of our staff and doctors so that we may best take care of our beloved central coast community!

Other Considerations:

  • All staff and doctors will continue to wear masks.
  • We continue to try to limit the number of patients in our waiting areas.
  • Common/high touch areas/surfaces are cleaned & sanitized with bleach or alcohol-based solutions throughout the day.
  • All equipment used is cleaned before each patient.
  • Staff and doctors will be provided with all needed PPE.

And finally...Our Technology!

Our practice has spent significant efforts toward utilizing technology to allow for eye exams that are thorough and comprehensive and also allow the doctor or staff to minimize physical contact with your eyes over 95% of the time.

1)  Optomap imaging system:  Our ultra widefield imaging system allows a 200 degree view of the retina (about 80%) in less than a second.  The Optomap Retinal Imaging system is outstanding for assessing retinal issues.  NO DILATION IS NEEDED AND NO DROPS ARE NEEDED FOR THIS TEST. This technology has dramatically changed the comfort and safety of eyecare and also helps with social distancing.

2)  Computerized Refraction System: The doctor will check your prescription but does so by looking at a computer screen in front of him/her and is not facing the patient.   This system ensures that the doctor and patient will not be facing each other but rather will be angled about 90 degrees away from each other.  Our refraction system is just as accurate as previous older technology but is also a safe way to get a great prescription for glasses!

3)  Slit lamp camera system:  Our offices have installed an eye imaging system that allows the doctor to evaluate many aspects of the eye in conjunction with a highly precise microscope.  Traditionally, the doctor has to look through the oculars which require the doctor to get close to the patient.  In over 90% of exams, the doctor can now look through a mounted camera or television screen that allows the doctor to conduct the eye exam from a further distance if needed.

We believe we have one of the most technologically advanced practices that is perfectly positioned to deliver comprehensive eye care to our Central Coast community in the post COVID- 19 world.   We are taking the safety and well being of our patients, staff and doctors seriously and providing our patients a thorough and comprehensive eye exam. Please stay safe and healthy!  We look forward to seeing you soon!!


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